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Eyesight and Diabetes

Diabetes in its long run may affect eyesight in individuals with poor glycemic control. The main reason is retinopathy and retinal vascular obstruction caused mainly due to hyper coagulable blood caused by diabetes. High blood pressure may lead to eye vessel bleed and consequently retinal damage and loss of eyesight. Hence, control of blood pressure is also of paramount importance. To take care of your eyesight, control your glycemic status and get your eyes tested regularly. Avoid vigorous eye rubbing and prolonged exposure to television and cell phones. Eye washing at regular intervals with clear water after exposure may wash out the germs and dirt that may be lodged in your eyes. Also, try relaxing your eyes by closing it for a period of at least 5 minutes after exposure with minimal eyeball movement. Green vegetables, carrots and Vitamin A supplementation may also help your vision over the long run. Take care of your eyes and maintain your eyesight by taking control of your glycemic status.

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